Frequently asked questions


  • How can I secure my booking?
    We ask for a deposit using Paypal , Paypal is a side company of e-bay. if you have a paypal account then it will be very easy to take care of deposit, if you don't have a Paypal account then you'll receive a Money Request explaining the easy way to open an account and take care of the deposit.

  • If I decide on a Package and then I want the Videographer to stay for one or 2 more hours how much will this be ? is this possible?
    Yes, sometimes things go a little behind or the party is Great and couples want us to stay a little longer, you can have extra time at an extra charge if this is the case. Now if our suggested Video coverage times (3,5,8 hours) won't work for your Wedding you can request a customize Package to meet your needs.

  • Is Video Coverage time CONTINUOUS or the Videographer can take a break and continue on a later time?
    Video Coverage hours are CONTINUOUS. We don't take breaks.

  • When will I get the dvd with my wedding Video?
    Two months after the wedding day a dvd with your Video will be sent to your home address. It will be delivered via fedex with $50.00 Usd Fedex extra fee.

  • Will you go to the location of my choice outside of Mayan Riviera and Cancun?
    Yes ,Only if all expenses are paid.

  • Can you work at all Resorts in Mayan Riviera and Cancun?
    There are different "outside photographer and Videographer" rules at the Resorts in the area. However, most of them are pretty much open to letting you bring the Videographer of your choice onto the resort. Palace Resorts (Moon Palace, Aventura Spa, Palace Isla Mujeres) requires the photographer to be a guest at the Resort, therefore couples have to pay for our room for one night. Barcelo and Iberostar resorts require an extra fee to be paid to their on site photography shop in order for you to bring an outsideVideographer onto their resort. There are also other resorts that will charge you extra fees called "day passes" to get outside photographers and Videographers onto the resort. These extra fees are not included in our Video packages.
    Bahia Principe Resort DON'T ALLOW outside photographers at all. ---We encourage all couples to search for a location, venue and/or resort that matches their expectations not a place where they will be forced to purchase the services provided by the hotel. You deserve to get married in a place that will accomodate all of your needs and requests. Please do your research well so your special day isn't ruined by some hotel/resorts illogical policies.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash either travelers checks american money . All prices are in US Dollars.

  • Do you require a deposit to secure a date?
    Yes I ask for a 25% deposit to secure all bookings.

  • How can I send you a deposit?
    I use Paypal which is a side company of e-bay, this is the easiest and safest way to get or send money on line, if you don't have an account you can set up one really easy.

  • What is the payment structure?
    We ask for an initial deposit using Paypal this deposit goes from 200.00us to 500.00us depending on the Photo and Video Package selected. then Full payment is required on the Wedding Day. We'll send DVD or Blu Ray aprox 3 to 4 weeks or earlier depending on time of the year.

  • Can I have a Highlight video like the ones shown in the video website ?
    Yes you can have a Highlight video but ONLY as a complementary video service of one of our video packages.

  • Will my Video (regular video) have original sound or will have only music like the samples on the website?
    Your video will have original sound for the parts that is needed like Ceremony , vows, speeches. and it will be edited with music at some parts that music is needed such as Bride getting ready, guests arriving to the Ceremony site, couple shoots by the beach. We always use a wireless Microphone to have an excellent quality sound.

  • Can I select the music to go on my Wedding Video?
    Yes!! you can have your favorite music played at your Wedding Video, we need:
    1. A song list at least one week before the Wedding Day
    2. or a CD that you can give us on the Wedding Day.

  • How many songs will I need to choose?
    Depending on the video Package you select but usually between 5-8 songs.